Real estate plays an important role on both a personal level and on an investment level. Andrew Carnegie suggested that real estate holds a secret to building wealth. Taking it a step further, the home can also be considered a secret to building health. The home is where one can relax, practice good lifestyle habits, and provide a safe place to connect with friends and family. Speaking of health, since living in Boulder, Colorado, health and wellbeing have been a passion for Pamela Stone. Her desire to learn led to the study of homeopathy, nutrition, psychology, and energy medicine. She practices yoga for meditation and fitness, golf and tennis for fun, and healthy cooking for living.  

Pamela is a business psychologist who understands that every client will have a set of unique needs and desires. More often than not, the answer is found in the question and taking the time to listen to the client’s needs and desires while asking invoking questions helps to gain a deeper awareness for meeting the client’s goal. Home ownership is a deeply personal experience, and requires a perfect-fit. Finding that good feeling or perfect fit, often requires extensive searching and time. Pamela can also wear a commercial hat where she has sold large apartment buildings and leased large retail centers. Each investor has a financial model that an experienced agent can follow for assisting the investor.

What to expect: Knowledge and experience, Pamela has lived in the Greater Palm Springs Area since 2003, and has experienced nearly every spectrum of real estate during her career, from selling affordable homes, to selling apartment buildings. Pamela applies what she refers to as the 3-D’s: Discover the needs and desire of the client; Design an effective plan for realizing the client’s goal; and, Deliver the results!

Full Service: In addition to the impressive services offered through Berkshire Hathaway, Pamela is excited to announce that she has aligned her services with a talented group of women from remodel design, interior decorating, property staging, and property leasing.